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about sumsum

sumsum was born in London during 2020: The first ever lockdown inspired Franziska Sumberaz, founder of the brand, to design jewelry pieces that allow people to indulge their inner child with a loud hurrah. After all, what gives us more pleasure than adding some candy floss to our everyday life?

Since the early beginnings, our jewelry line is defined by an iconic floral design with a youthful attitude and a vibrant to pastel color scheme that translates effortlessly from the beach to the city. Each piece is created and handcrafted in Vienna using specially selected and long lasting materials.


sumsum is a small and women owned business, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable fashion world. With a focus on a thoughtful production, all pieces are handcrafted in the atelier in the city center of Vienna. To ensure the longevity of each piece, we source high quality materials. Some of our styles use beads from preloved jewelry pieces, which are available in limited quantities only. All of our products are shipped carbon neutral, using recycled and recyclable packaging. Each jewelry piece also comes in a reusable bag matching your eye candy.

floral bracelets by sumsum

We are best known for our Heidi bracelet line: All Heidi pieces feature the iconic beaded motifs and are strung on elasticated bands for easy on and off. They come in various colors and sizes to ensure a skinny fit for all wrist types. We encourage every customer to measure their wrist to find their perfect sumsum fit.



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