It all started in 2020 when Franziska Sumberaz, founder and creative director, was all locked up in the first lockdown of London. Inspired by her surroundings and memories of the past, the former fashion editor started beading bracelets with a certain flower motif - they looked like daisies in the grass somewhere in the alps back in Austria. She gave that style the name “Heidi”, thinking of the little girl within herself that wanted to run around among those flowers.

“Heidi” did not only make Franziska happy - she made a lot of customers smile during some very difficult times. So, here we are - with a total collection starring the “Heidi” hero cheering us up whilst being on our 10th conference call for the day! She comes in all sizes and colors, ensuring everyone finds their right fit. Heidi doesn’t know age or gender - she loves everyone.

SUMSUM is a small business, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable fashion world. Therefore, each flower is sustainably and locally threaded in Vienna, Austria. Of course all pieces are made to last - to extend their lifetime please handle with care and follow our usage and care guidelines. All of our products are shipped using recycled and recyclable materials. Each jewelry piece also comes in a reusable bag matching your “eye candy”.



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